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还是第一种方法中的例子,换成全局相对路径可以写成 /test/hello.html 的形式;或者index页面想要引用 http://localhost/css/style.css,按照1的写法可以写成 <link href="../css/style.css" />,虽然还是看的懂,但总不是那么简洁。
所以可以考虑使用全局相对路径, 就可以写成这样的形式<link href="/css/style.css" />,这样是以URL的根路径开始寻找的,可以很好的找到需要的路径。


3、框架中的相对URL 框架中的相对URL就比较容易理解了。比如在一个框架中制定另一个框架页面需要打开的相对URL,这时这个相对URL就是基于本框架页面的。

比如左侧框架页面正在显示的页面是/hello/test.html,而右侧框架页面正在显示/hi/test.html。则在左侧框架页面的一个连接<a href="test2.html" target="XXX"></a> 在右侧框架页面打开连接的话,则是打开/hello/test2.html。




There is no "absolute" answer :-) There are pros and cons to both
absolute and relative URLs in links: Absolute URLs: + help keep the
links pointing to your content if someone were to copy it (*) + help
keep the links pointing to your domain name if you cannot select a
canonical (can't do 301 redirects) + help make sure that you're
pointing to the right URL even if you move things around (say for
stylesheets or graphics) - cannot be tested on a staging / testing
server (eg locally) (unless you insert the links dynamically) - makes
it hard to move content (unless the links are inserted dynamically)
Relative URLs: + make it easy to move content around + make it easy to
test locally and on a staging server - are easy to break if linking to
content that isn't moved as well (stylesheet, graphics, etc) - an evil
scraper would have less work (*) There's a middle ground as well,
using absolute links without a domain name, eg:
<a href="/resources/green/mostly/page.htm" ...> Personally, I prefer to
use relative URLs + some absolute (without domain name) ones to shared

  1. The advantage of being able to test things out 1:1 on a
  2. server can't compete with the pseudo- protection against
  3. The only place I would use absolute URLs would be if the
  4. is hosted somewhere where the webmaster can't do a 301 redirect

and may have trouble with duplicates. I've seen this a lot with sites
hosted on a free account with the ISP; often it will be hosted as ..., then perhaps and . By using
absolute URLs in that situation, any value passed to one of the wrong
URLs will automatically pass value to the correct URLs as well. If you
have a really good CMS you may be able to change from one to another
and use a staging server without much work. In that case, it probably
doesn't matter which one is chosen. John (*) Regarding the evil
scraper scenario: I think this is overrated and those who have
problems with it usually have other problems to worry about. Also,
most scraper software recognizes absolute links and swaps them out